Sex with the Ex

byuI left my ex girlfriend after I found out she had been sleeping with 3 other guys while we were supposedly sex dating. I hated myself for trusting her and taking so much care of her; she was the hottest girlfriend I ever had in college and I truly miss the sex. However, her craziness brought out the worst in me and I had to end it. But why am I mentioning her? Last night at the college reunion party, she was the first to greet me at the door. From a young little brunette who used to fuck around in college, she was dressed in a classy, dress that made her look like she is all grown up. Her tits are even bigger than before and I couldn’t imagine that would be possible. Her ass is perfectly shaped and is hugging tightly to her dress. I greet her with a smile because I hadn’t seen her in a while and I tease her by letting her know that, if you look closely, her thong is visible. She gently punches me on the arm and runs her fingers through my hair and giggles, staring at me with her sparkling eyes.

The party is very boring; most of the people who showed up were nerds back in college, and much hasn’t changed. My ex girlfriend however, is looking so damn fine. We talk about our past for a bit until she tells me how sorry she felt after what she had done to me. I was really hurt and she could see it, she wanted to make up for it and she wanted to make up to me ‘right now’ with some naughty sex. I pull her to the bathroom and tell her to make up for what she did years ago. She tells me she is all mine for the night so I act rough with her; I pull her hair hard and kiss her neck. I slowly run my tongue along her cleavage, pull her dress aside using my teeth and suck on her nipples. She grabs my hair with one hand, my dick with the other and begs me to fuck her brains out.

I bend her over, I just lift her dress up so her ass is open to me and I fuck her hard. I grab her by her dress to keep her close to me so I can fuck her as deep as possible. She keeps screaming how much she missed me and how I please her like no man can. We end up booking a hotel room that night where I fuck her again and pass out as the sun rises. Don’t worry, there’s no way I would get back with her again, as i usually prefer local sex.

My first MILF

nklI’m in my last year of high school and you have no idea what happened last night. A short background, I’m 18 and live with very strict parents; I can’t go out much, I have never had a girlfriend in my life and I have only had sex once, because the girl was dared by her friends to fuck me. I have no game and I suck at studying. I have been consistently failing my Biology class in the past 2 years; therefore my parents finally decide to hire a tutor for me, where I can schedule extra Biology lessons with a tutor on Sunday evenings. I didnÕt know that my tutor was a mother of 2 at a young age; she was very sexy.

She was much taller than me and definitely much older, but not as old as you’d expect; she was a professional woman who was a single mother of 2 kids. I went to her house for the first time last night and I could tell she is an extremely hard worker, yet knows how to look fine at the same time. She had a glass of wine in her hand and was wondering about the house, asking me to feel comfortable before we could study. I looked like a panicked young child hovering around at first, but then I finally eased up on the black couch she had in the living room. She sat right next to and folded her leg on top of the other, slowly revealing her thigh and I got an instant boner.

She was really friendly and asked me about the topics I didn’t understand in Biology, I told her I had a difficult time understanding sexual behavior. She laughed, raised her eyebrow then checked me out. Suddenly, she notices something popping out of my pants. “Haha are you hard?”. I feel embarrassed as ever, but she suddenly grabs hold of my crotch outside my pants, she moans a little and tells me she is flattered. “What are you going to do about it?” she asks me slowly, and I just stare at her tits, imagining her naked body on top of mine as I fuck her hard. She reads my mind pretty well and does exactly that; she strips off her black dress and sucks my cock really hard. I only last 2 minutes before cumming in her mouth. “That’s not enough, get on the floor, we’re doing it again and this time you’re cumming in my pussy”. I get extremely hard on the thought of that alone and begin fucking her as she rides me nice and slow. I end up cumming inside her and she ends the night by telling me, “Hope you got a better understanding of sexual behavior!”.

My Flight to Paris

scvI travel often, up to twice a week, to some of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s my job, so I always took travelling as part of my business. Last night was different. I arrived at the airport well ahead of my flight and was at a restaurant eating away when I locked eyes with this beautiful woman, in her late 20s, dressed in strictly professional clothing. She was reading the papers and I could tell she is travelling on business as well. I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful her body was; she was carefully seated with her ass sticking out and her tits popping out well over the table, ready for a bit of milf dating

I finally went to my departure gate and there she was, we were travelling on the same flight so I quickly went over to her to introduce myself. She was very pleasant and friendly and her eye contact was intense. She quickly moved forward and proceeded to the plane. The flight was barely full; there were several empty seats in the row I was seated in. She was seated several rows in front of me and soon after the plane took off; I unfastened my seat belt to go talk to her. I couldn’t resist her, she was smoking hot and her bra was visible through her see-through white shirt. “It’s a long flight, come keep me company, I have an empty seat next to me.” “Sure!” God she is so friendly! As she is walking I am right behind her and I can’t stop checking her out. Her ass is so tight and it clearly looks like she works out. I want to fuck her when I land in Paris.

So now we are seated next to each other and she inquires about my business as I do hers. She is a fashion designer who is on a short visit to Paris. No wonder she is dressed so fine! While I’m talking to her I keep looking down on her massive tits and only dream of squeezing my face in between them and licking her nipples. She tells me she is a heavyweight in drinking and we start off drinking through the entire flight. She gets cold in the flight and cuddles me to sleep.

While she is asleep on my chest, I play with her hair and give her a soft kiss on her cheek. It wakes her up. “What was that?” she asks as she giggles. I tell her she is really cute and it broadens her smile as she leans in. She is extremely close to me and we’re both smiling and locking eyes with each other. I’m unsure until she leans to my ear and whispers “Kiss me”. I kiss her softly, her lips are heavenly and her body is nothing short of perfection as I put my hand on her waist to feel her, the soft touch of a real milf.

My cock is growing hard as ever and I take her hand and walk into the bathroom. I tell her to suck my fucking dick and suck it hard. Lick my balls. She complies and spits hard on my cock, rubbing her hands. She unbuttons her shirt and asks me if she’d like to see my tits. She strokes my dick hard and makes me cum all over her gorgeous tits. She tells me we’re getting a hotel room together in Paris to fuck each other’s brains out.

A Woman Loves A Big Cock

I had just started to go out with this guy, but we’d only been on three dates. Although we’d been having phone sex, we had not actually done it in person. I guess that I was a little more uptight back then, but the right guy shouldn’t mind waiting, I’ve always said. Things had been getting pretty steamy, with everything we were saying over the phone, and we were starting to get along really well when we did go out together. We decided that we should have a special date, and go to a hotel room together. It was clear to both of us that we were going to have sex, so there was no guessing.

The second that we were inside that room, our hands were all over each other, and I knew that it was a great idea to have sex. He was obviously just as sure as I was, because the bulge in his pants grew a lot. He had been telling me about how big his dick was, although he hadn’t showed me yet. A-young-couple-on-a-bed-sex-genericWhen I unzipped his pants, I realized that he had not been lying about the size of his dick, and it really was 10 inches big. The first thing that I did was sit on the bed and start to suck it, because I couldn’t help myself. I’m not usually so quick to give head, even though a lot of guys wish that I was, but this thing was calling for me.

We had the best sex that I’ve ever had, and I have to admit that it was the size that really made the difference. I know that women like to tell their men that size doesn’t matter, but they would have to be stupid if they really believed that. Sure, this guy knew what he was doing, and it would have been worse if he didn’t – but that wasn’t the main thing that I remembered.

Unfortunately, he moved to another state, and we decided that we weren’t going to try to do the whole long-distance thing. I was sad to have to say goodbye, but the really bad part is that now I can’t be satisfied with a guy unless he has a big dick. It’s really started to affect me in the way that I think of guys. I know that might make me sound shallow, but I just can’t forget about the times I had a huge guy.